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About Taihong

Hangzhou Taihong Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 2004�� located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou Zhejiang, China, and is China Air Grease Gun Manufacturers and Pneumatic Grease Gun Suppliers, and some related accessories of automotive tools.

From our foundation time, we have regarded "Your satisfaction, our pursuit' as our highest work target. Our company pays much attention to the corporate culture, valuing the employee's ability and drawing on all the comers of the company. At the same time, we have obtained the provincial-level certificate of technical innovation in 2017 through our research and development.

Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea, With high quality and professional after-sales service, our products have won high reputations among our customers both at home and abroad. We sincerely look forward to establishing long-term business relationships with clients all over the world on the basis of principles of equality and mutual benefit.

Hangzhou Taihong Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.

Our 20 years of production experience has created Taihong's corporate value.

Strict Quality Control Throughout Manufacture

The company has always adhered to the principle of "sincerity-oriented, quality-based, talent-based factory", strictly implements the ISO9001:2008 quality system standard, and actively develops and improves products. In 2017, it was rated as a small and medium-sized technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

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  • High-tech Enterprise Certificates

    High-tech Enterprise Certificates

  • High-tech Enterprise Certificates

    High-tech Enterprise Certificates

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    Zhejiang Province Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Certificate

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Air grease gun Industry knowledge

How to choose the right lubricant for pneumatic grease gun

Understand the equipment requirements: The first and most important thing is to understand the requirements of the equipment or machine to be lubricated. This includes factors such as operating temperature, load, speed, pressure and environmental conditions. Different types of equipment may require different types of lubricants.
Lubricant types: Lubricants are generally divided into two types: oil and grease. Lubricating oil is a liquid suitable for high-speed bearings and some precision components. Greases are semi-solid or solid and are suitable for slow speed, high load applications such as gears and sliding surfaces.
Base oil type: Base oil is the main component of lubricants and can be mineral oil, synthetic oil, or vegetable oil. Synthetic oils generally perform better under extreme temperature and load conditions, but are also more expensive.
Additives: Lubricants often contain additives to improve their performance. Additives may include antioxidants, anti-wear agents, preservatives, etc. When selecting a lubricant, consider whether a specific type of additive is required.
Viscosity: Viscosity is the fluidity of a lubricant, usually expressed as an SAE viscosity grade or an ISO viscosity grade. Select the appropriate viscosity grade based on the equipment's operating temperature and speed requirements.
Water Resistance: If the equipment is likely to be exposed to water or moisture, it is important to choose a lubricant with good water resistance. This can help prevent the lubricant from being washed away by water.
Oxidation resistance: Equipment operating in high temperature environments may require lubricants with good oxidation resistance to prevent lubricant degradation and oxidation.
Ecological considerations: Consider the environmentally friendly nature of the lubricant to ensure it complies with environmental regulations. Some industries have regulations requiring the use of biodegradable or environmentally friendly lubricants.

How to operate a pneumatic grease gun?

Preparation: Before operating a pneumatic grease gun, make sure the equipment is turned off and the butter or grease container is filled and connected to the air source.
Wear personal protective equipment: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses and gloves to protect against grease splashes.
Adjust the air source pressure: Adjust the air source pressure according to the lubricant type and equipment requirements. Typically, low pressure is used to start and then gradually increased until the required lubrication pressure is reached.
Precisely control the amount of lubrication: Master the operation of the handle to ensure accurate control of the amount of lubricant released. Typically, pull the handle back to initiate lubrication, then slowly push it back down.
Position the nozzle: Aim the nozzle accurately at the area to be lubricated. Make sure the distance between the nozzle and the lubrication point is appropriate to ensure accurate lubricant placement.
Start the air-operated grease gun: When everything is ready, start the air-operated grease gun, usually by pressing the trigger or operating the handle.
Continuous observation: Observe the release of lubricant and make sure it is evenly applied to the lubrication points. If there is any abnormality, stop the operation immediately and check the reason.
Maintain equipment: Regularly check the condition and maintenance needs of your pneumatic grease gun to ensure it remains in good working order. This includes cleaning, replacing seals and lubricating the tip.
Safe Operation: Pneumatic grease gun operators must follow safety procedures to avoid spraying lubricant directly onto themselves or others, as well as ensuring the work area is well ventilated.
Shut down the equipment: After completing the lubrication task, close the pneumatic grease gun and lubricant container. Restore the device to a safe state for subsequent use.